Noble World School


Why choose Noble World School?

We, at Noble World School, introduce children to fundamental learning through an integrated curriculum that is more recreational and engaging in nature.
With the belief that every child’s time spent with us is precious for intellectual growth, we make a sincere effort to uphold the quality of education by enrolling the best educators and employing innovative methods of teaching.

What are the admission requirements?

There are no tests or unnecessary tests at our institution. The only admission requirement is that your child should have scored at least an aggregate of 50% in all the subjects studied in the last two years. Also, admissions depend on the number of vacancies available.

What is the fee structure?

Keeping in mind the kind of services we provide, our fee structure has been devised for parents belonging to every strata. We do not believe in the concept of ‘donations’ and have a very easily affordable fee structure.

What are the uniform requirements?

With a special focus laid on discipline at our school, we ensure that all our students are well dressed when they attend school. For the same a simple, neat and affordable uniform set has been prescribed by the school. The uniforms are available at all the leading outlets.

What time should students arrive at school?

The students are expected to reach the school before the morning prayers are said at the school. The timings may differ from that in winter and summer. Ideally, students are expected to reach the school by 8 am.

What is the school’s policy on attendance and punctuality?

We expect each child to have a high record of attendance as it makes a big difference in the child’s learning. Being punctual is even more important. Each child is expected to follow the guidelines laid by the school. Even if a child has to take a leave, an application in this regard has to be signed and sent by the parent/guardian.

What happens if my child falls sick or has an injury at the school?

Even though we expect the children to attend school daily, they can go on a medical leave in case they are sick. In case of an injury at the school, the child is given immediate first aid and taken to a doctor. Emergency contact numbers are always available at the school. And even if your child needs to go to the hospital, the parent/guardian is soon as an incident takes place. We also make sure that the students are kept away from any sort of danger.

Can my child bring medicine to school?

In case a student is undergoing a specific treatment, he she will be allowed to bring medicines in the school. Parents are also advised to let a teacher know of the same so that the child is given his medicines at proper timings.

How do the school and parents communicate?

A parent-teacher interaction is organised each month wherein parents are apprised of the activities being undertaken and their child’s performance in those activities apart from regular academics. The parents are also told about areas where their child can fare even better in terms of competitions, sports, etc.

What is your board for affiliation?

The school follows an international approach for teaching the students. Under this, the students are given proper knowledge of the basics prescribed under various education organisations across the globe. This makes a holistic approach possible in our teaching.

What about basic qualities being inculcated?

One of the most important places where we lay focus is mannerisms. Children are taught, right from the beginning, on how to behave in a crowd. They are also taught about basic etiquettes, table manners etc. The children are trained in a manner such that they can easily compete and interact with the private and corporate sector while growing up. Lastly, the school is an English-medium school and hence we lay stress on conversing with the child in English at all times.

What is the student-teacher ratio?

Across all classes, 25 to 30 students are admitted in each section. This means that the student-teacher ratio is usually 1:25.

Are students from outside allowed?

At Noble World School, students from across the globe are allowed to be enrolled. This also helps in students of different backgrounds coming closer to each other. This helps in an overall development of the skill set and personality of each individual.

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