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Kal Korff: Head Master

Kal Korff, an American citizen who is married to an Indian Punjabi woman and is a resident of India, has educational experience going back several decades. Kal first started lecturing and teaching when he was just 13 years old, and completed his high school graduation requirements in only three years.

Korff is a well-known international author of books and expose articles, lecturer, and is a Columnist and Journalist for Daily Post newspaper in Chandigarh, India, Punjabai??i??s fastest growing English language daily.

Kal has lived on three continents, has traveled to dozens of countries, and has a lot of international experience. Prior to moving to India, he spent a full decade in Europe as an analyst, broadcaster, columnist, executive, IT professional, journalist, media personality, producer, teacher, and counterterrorism specialist.

Kal Korff has appeared on CNNai??i??s Larry King Live!, Discovery Channel, FOX TV, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, and has done production work for National Geographic. Some of his past employers include Atari, Apple, Claris (Appleai??i??s software subsidiary); Boeing, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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